Beyond the Origins

One of the concepts that should be taken into consideration, which is common of the trends for the coming seasons, is that of awareness. It is undeniable that each of us, every day, has to find our own way in a world that invades us with information. For better or for worse. We are all closer, more informed, sometimes more frightened by all the news we are bombarded with. This leads us to develop our points of reference. One above all, is the awareness of our origins as human beings, of our basic needs. But this is not a static position, it’s a journey that starts from this awareness to evolve and gets us out of our comfort zone. We know we have limits and we would like to overcome them. We must be willing to approach new experiences with new points of view. This does not necessarily mean that we have different needs, indeed we can say that they are the same, linked to our nature, but they are reworked and adapted.We do not remain indifferent to what surrounds us, every journey changes us. We must not fear what we do not know because " the future influences the present just as much as the past”- Nietzsche. The colors of this palette, reference for all trends, go beyond the classic, they are reassuring and versatile. Neutral but decisive and characterful tones. From browns to greys, from blue to dark green.