Classics, a reassuring concept, become elevated with a very timely touch. It can be an unusual combination of traditional colors and shapes with essential cuts able to give modernity to the most classic pattern. This subject is closely related to the theme of nature, as a connection with our roots. A use and reference to raw materials with a low environmental impact. Nature, and its care, are the base philosophy of most companies and people. And it is precisely people who make the difference, who have a central and fundamental position. The current situation has led us to re-evaluate our origins, even with nostalgia, but with an eye to the future and its possibilities. Retrieve the values ​​of know-how and focus on quality, not quantity; on the enhancement of craftsmanship, creativity, culture and people. Tones are timeless: on one hand, strong tones such as deep red, blue, brown, butterscotch, on the other more delicate colors such as greys and off-whites.

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