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Our house becomes the ultimate space where to live, at 360 degrees, a place for work-gym-fun-food-well-being-intimacy.
It means safety and well-being, full of multifunctional objects that can be used in many creative ways, as a new life after their primary purpose is accomplished.
Our daily life pace is slowing down, leading us to desire a deeper and more intimate reconnection with nature. We are looking for a new balance and new values, in harmony with the world around us. We rediscover the pleasure of our family, spend time together and share emotions in new ways. The borders of our “homes” are expanding: neighbors start getting together, purchases become local and less global and neighborhood activities are promoted.
We think more about new values that will result from this period of time: resilience, harmony, empathy, kindness.
This results in products that stand out for their light colors, that are desaturated, soft, dusty, as if they wanted to bring back sweet childhood memories, filled with a new romanticism: dawn pink, sand, dusk blue, chocolate, bombay brown, butter white.

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