We live in an era of perennial connection to the web, ever emerging into new virtual worlds.
We feel the necessity to recover our “humanity” through the exploration of a new intimacy - with ourselves and with others - to discover a new kind of collective connection, based on the sharing of sensations and experiences.
The first 'sense' that will be re-explored will be touch, the most immediate sense, able to convey human warmth and empathy, as well as the most easily perceived.
A path of common and shared experiences, of creative collaborations in continuous evolution, made of empathetic sensations, will begin. This leads us to experience surprise, joy, and kindness in working together daily, finally putting aside cell phones and remaining disconnected from the web.
The product design shapes are clean and essential, fluid and minimal, with a simple and timeless beauty, endowed with unusual textures, such as folds and bubble effects, which enhance the shapes.
Colors are clear and pastel, often combined with greys, beige, orange and dark and deep blacks or illuminated by the purity of white.

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