Mindful Spirituality

Attention shifts to a new, almost paranormal, more primitive and esoteric dimension.
Psychophysical well-being is sought through mystical practices, with references to various spiritual disciplines, which take us back to past ages.
An ode to the beauty of time, where each detail is studied and refined. Ancient practices are studied, perfected and applied in innovative ways to contemporary life.
People are making a conscious choice to live a more balanced life and connect to their inner voice.
And the psychophysical well-being itself is fundamental for evaluating our degree of happiness and for evaluating the success of a product.
The person is at the center of this trend. Trend that evokes feelings of evasion, but an escape that seeks a comforting calmness.
In the color range the contrasts between blacks, very dark colors and bright and opulent colors - gold, bronze, amber, red mahogany, oxidized jade and link dominate.

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