The upcoming trends have strong points in common, which will develop transversely.
Values ​​and needs that have no age, sex or geographical origin.
The reassurance, that need to know that we will get back to normal, to a new normal made up of people, travel, colors, food and nature.
New communities will be created, on the one hand through online platforms, on the other, almost paradoxically, with people from the neighborhood.
Psychophysical well-being has become an even more important aspect, which is closely linked to the themes of naturalness and recycling.
The ranges of the new monocolors reflect these ideas.
Their base is made of reassuring tones which meet all the needs, from the most basic to the most sophisticated ones, because they are aspects that will gradually overlap.
Empathic colors for a no-frills romance.
And lastly, more lively tones, which accompany us towards the future.
A collection of colors that can be mixed and associated, to create classic or significantly more outgoing combinations.

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