Organic Couture

The value we give to materials and processes is increasing more and more, to work with nature, in nature, for nature.
Circular design is a zero waste design, intended to find solutions to growing environmental and socio-economic problems and is increasingly respectful of the environment.
As a matter of fact, production cycles are being rethought to reduce the amount of waste. The new approach is to design clothing, accessories and objects to last.
The new trend is to re-evaluate what is already at our disposal and to know when to say enough.
Thus, the "active" design and planning of objects with particular characteristics such as safety, sustainability, and utility evolves.
In design we can find this concept in clean, minimal and essential lines, through round, soft, reassuring and cozy shapes.
Tones are dusty pastels, dirty with comforting warm browns, combined with greys or neutral browns and blacks, or even whites, for more graphic appeals.

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