In such a difficult time it’s important to focus on objectives. A resilient and at the same time positive behavior towards the future can be a first step. We should never give up being proactive, innovative and creative.
We work together to find multiple adaptive solutions, in order to evolve towards a new type of low-impact consumerism, totally recyclable and eco-sustainable.
The concept of functional design ethics is strengthened: beautiful, useful, practical and sustainable. The process whereby the product is built becomes as important as the product itself.
We are increasingly buying less, but better. We are moving towards a new minimalism, to be understood as a mentality and not just as aesthetics.
That’s the reason why we want sophisticated, precious, refined but, at the same time, aesthetically light and clean products.
This translates into products characterized by natural colors and organic patterns, reinterpreted in a modern and unexpected way, using the warm and natural colors of the earth and nature: coffee brown, caramel brown, olive green, grey, sienna, honey, jade.

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