Simply Artisan

The recovery of collective memory and ancient methods, in harmony with nature, allows us to bring out the true value of people and things.
Therefore, the importance of craftsmanship and local and regional materials is growing, revisited in their refined simplicity and fully traceable throughout their path of creation.
This important process is not intended only for recovery of materials, but also as recovery and re-evaluation of subcultures, ancient mythologies and ancient know-how.
The artisanal product and its uniqueness reminds us of the tailor made luxury of the past and of exclusive high quality products, which live again through the concept of repairing and through the purchase, or rental, of exclusive vintage products.
In the product design we find protective, functional and comfortable products that give security, which are expressed through reinterpreted bucolic themes, new geometries carved into the materials, with warm, saturated and bright colors.

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