Urban Afro

In a world without boundaries, nor limits or rules, the real challenge is to succeed in being at the forefront without forgetting our origins. Create a balance between past and future. The frenzy of the cities in which we live brings us to live our days with an urban and active spirit and an optimistic and young vision of the future. Cultural traditions merge with street attitudes, techno-innovation and outdoor equipment. The afro imprint is everywhere. And it is an example of how a culture can be an ode to personal re-invention, so bound to its origins as it is able to weave styles to become hyper-modern and unconventional by blending the old, current and new with different styles. The colors are very impactful, in contrast, but able to create new vibrations. From oranges to violets, from teal to bright pinks. Everything is stylized and made more graphic by strong black lines that become the theme of the whole color range.