Art Print


Since a few years, Mazzucchelli has been providing market with the possibility of printing high-definition images on acetate.
This is achieved by offering collections inspired to the latest fashion trends, in addition to customized realizations of designs, photos, images directly requested  by customers.
With the latest launch, following fashion inspirations, Mazzucchelli has presented the floral, botanical trend creating six different themes developed in a variety of colors.

The desire is to let customers enjoy the pleasure and fun of creating the match for the laminations that best meet and reflect their taste and their stylistic requirements.





Flower Power proposal includes a series of thematic designs which can be laminated using the wide-ranging colors belonging to the Monocolor Case or with the myriad of patterns in the catalog.
Mazzucchelli has enjoyed creating its own compositions, making use of light pastel colors to give flowers and corals, leading characters of the season, a fresh and ethereal guise.


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