Our codes are made up with the following structure

N LL nnn l

indicates the kind of material. You can choose between three different types of products based on your technical needs.

1 = Cellulose Acetate (CA)
2 = Cellulose Propionate (CP)
7 = Polarized Triacetate (CTA)


indicates the surface finishing. Our sheets can be supplied with a standard finishing or with an anti-fog finishing obtained through a chemical treatment. This gives you the possibility to choose the product with the most suitable performance for your needs.

SP = standard surface – polished
SA = anti-fog on one side
AP = anti-fog on both sides
AW = super-anti-fog on both sides


indicates the color reference. We can provide you our sheets with an endless range of color and transmittance values.


indicates the special features. These features guarantee to obtain the highest performance standards for your products.

N = standard material – UV 360
T = UV 380 protection
Q = UV 400 protection
R = Infrared (IR) protection
F = photochromic effect

As you have seen, the technical and chromatic combinations are truly endless.

    For this reason we believe that the best way to choose which product best suits your needs is to contact our commercial department, sending an email to Mr. Ingo Alexy at the following address: ialexy@mazzucchelli1849.it.

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