Mazzucchelli People: Antonio

Being passionate is the key to success. And the people who work at Mazzucchelli know it very well. Many of our employees have been working in the company for several years now and they are still able to get excited and amazed by the potential of our material which is a constant source of surprises and inspiration. Here is Antonio, who loves sharing his genuine passion and enthusiasm with others and who, during his long career in our Company, has been able to build an extensive set of skills and experience that he constantly puts at the service of our customers.

Mazzucchelli People: Marica

There are bonds rooted in mutual respect, trust and support that are built over time and are meant to last. The bond with our customers is one of them. For us, customer service is not just about meeting the needs of our customers. It’s about putting them at the center, exceeding their expectations and doing everything possible to make each and every aspect of their experience an absolutely positive one. Marica has been doing it every day for the last 35 years. Her commitment, her positive attitude and her bright energy contribute to the quality of our customers service.

Mazzucchelli People: Cristina

Our work is like a puzzle. Each piece is important and necessary to complete the drawing. Each person in Mazzucchelli makes his own contribution to allow our customers to achieve the desired success in their work. It is precisely our customers and their projects that give us the impetus to give our best every day. We love to help them, advise them and support them during the design and implementation phases of their projects. Every day we accompany them to help them give life to their ideas, to give body to their creativity and their visions and to give life to their passion. We are happy to introduce you Cristina who for years has been at the side of our customers following them with competence and enthusiasm and helping them to reach their goals, even the most ambitious.

Mazzucchelli People: Romualdo

In every company there are places full of stories to tell. In ours there is one that tells the stories of all of you, your ideas, your projects, your choices. It’s our warehouse, where expert hands collect all the products you have chosen for your creations. We are happy to introduce you Romualdo or, as we all call him at Mazzucchelli, Gegio. For many years Gegio has been committed to ensuring that the warehouse is an organized and tidy place so as to make the preparation of all our customers' orders more and more efficient.

Mazzucchelli People: Elena

Quality, creativity, passion for the product and innovation have always been Mazzucchelli’s core values. These principles, handed down from generation to generation, have been driving the Company for almost 175 years and the projects that have been carried out over these years have all turned their gaze to these values. Among these projects there is one which is still one of the company's beating hearts: Centro O, Mazzucchelli research and study center. Centro O has to be considered as the repository of Mazzucchelli's creative heritage and an inexhaustible source of new ideas, trend studies and visions, able to offer an up-to-date showcase of production activity, to welcome the anticipations of market trends and to make available to all customers the experience of specialists qualified in style, color, fashion and materials. We are happy to introduce you Elena Orsi Mazzucchelli who with heart, determination and enthusiasm leads the Centro O team in the continuous search for experimentation, excellence and quality.

Mazzucchelli People: Enrico

Each pattern we create in Mazzucchelli is designed and studied by our product development team and our specialized technicians who use the technology which can express that pattern at its best so as to offer you the most suitable solution for your creations. Extrusion is one of these technologies and is able to guarantee you an incredible variety of colors and shades. We are happy to introduce you Enrico who is one of the pillars of our extrusion laboratory and every day puts heart and passion into his work.

Mazzucchelli People: Silvia

At Mazzucchelli we believe that beauty goes hand in hand with quality. That’s why we have an internal R&D laboratory where a team of researchers, thanks to the most sophisticated analytical instruments, develops new formulations, ensures the quality of raw materials and certifies the finished products. Here is Silvia, our R&D Laboratory Supervisor. For 8 years, with her energy and commitment, she has been contributing to the realization of products in compliance with the highest standards of quality.

How is a decorative film made?

Mdecor is a pleasant to the touch material with unbelievable flexibility and incredible depth notwithstanding a thickness of just 200 micron. It’s amazing not only for the thousands of possible applications, but also for its technical characteristics. It’s perfect whenever there is a need for special aesthetic effects, higher performances and longer product life.

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Mazzucchelli People: Claudio.

Our company is made of uniqueness. Just like the people who work here who, with their distinctiveness, color our company making it a wonderful place. We are happy to introduce you Claudio, our Block Laboratory Manager. Claudio has been working in Mazzucchelli for over 36 years and has been managing the laboratory with passion and dedication for 21 years.

Ode to Havana

Mazzucchelli Havanas: Simple but refined. Current but timeless. Classic but innovative. In evolution but immutable. Different but unique. Traditionally contemporary.

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Xelox-L and Worblex by Mazzucchelli 1849

Cellulose acetate and cellulose propionate sheets for optical applications – when perfect visibility without fog is essential.

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Where emotions come to life.

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