Mazzucchelli tortoise, simply iconic

If you close your eyes and think about a pair of glasses, you immediately see "Tortoise": the icon of style, beauty and innovation. Tortoise is well established in the collective imagination as a statement symbol of eyewear, the archetype of a unique and unmistakable material that has been able to renew itself over time, although remaining always faithful to its original identity.

Texture and color, shapes and shades are the intrinsic characteristics of tortoise. It is the structural elements that, breaking down and recomposing themselves in an endless puzzle of effects, change the look. Even through modifications in search of new balances of expression, keeping the original essence, they identify it and make it unmistakable.

Tortoise can therefore incorporate all of the incentives and new aesthetic codes that Fashion continually suggests, but it re-interprets them in its typical binomial texture/color to re-propose itself in a new, original and contemporary way.

Natural colors made of transparencies and warm tones such as havana convey empathy and reassuring sensations; tortoise, simple in its structure but strong and charismatic, enhances personality and creates style.

Mazzucchelli's creative and productive mastery has been able to enrich Tortoise with a great creative heritage. It has become the icon of Mazzucchelli as it reflects the philosophy of the company itself: tradition, innovation, sensitivity and culture, the inspiring values of Mazzucchelli in its 170 years of activity.


— Regina Rossi
founder of “Centro O”

Material shaped by creativity


Our secret is to remain always faithful to our uniqueness. We have been paying the same attention to both complex and simple things for 170 years and the excellence of our havanas is a proof of this.

From ephemeral to iconic

There are products that are born ephemeral, but they assert themselves for their character and uniqueness, becoming icons. These are Mazzucchelli tortoises.

Where creativity merges with material

Mazzucchelli tortoise,
simply iconic

From tortoise to Havana Case

— Mazzucchelli Havanas

Simple but refined.
Current but timeless.
Classic but innovative.
In evolution but immutable.
Different but unique.
Traditionally contemporary.

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