Damask and its abstraction


damask mazzucchelli 1849 damasco 

Damask is patterned textile deriving its name from the fine patterned fabrics produced in Damascus (Syria) around the XII century. True damask was originally wholly of silk, but gradually the name came to be applied to a certain type of patterned fabric regardless of fiber.

It is a kind of fabric made with stylized or floral patterns with a shiny-opaque effect, with warp and weft of identical color, in which, however, the design stands out significantly from the background by contrasting brightness.



damask mazzucchelli 1849 tpu

Our reinterpretation plays with abstract patterns enhanced by the plays of light of the white and goes to the most exasperated contrasts of white and black.

And it is precisely the contrast between the brightness and the opaque effect, which remains in the eye of the beholder, to give it that rich and precious look.




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