Creativity: an asset to be preserved.

Imagine being in your living room with the radio on and a song in the background and imagine finding in a photo album a picture that you have received long time ago. On the back of this photo there’s a message of a friend and the picture of a wonderful panorama.

The panorama is a tropical beach with a deck chair, a sun umbrella and a famous icy drink leaning on the table. The vivid colors of this photo bestow on you a feeling of tranquility bringing your mind back to the beautiful holidays you've spent!

Good! Now imagine you can’t find your friend's words on the back of the photo anymore. Oh yes, they were written with a ballpoint pen ... but the ballpoint pen is indelible! That’s true! But it is also true that the "modern" ballpoint pen was born thanks to the study of László Bíró (Patent No GB 498997).

Now turn the photo on the side of the picture: that bottle is suddenly anonymous!?! No, that is not strange, that object as well was born from the wit of a person who made use of his creativity to shape the harmonious lines of a logo (Patent No US 696147) and the pleasing graphic features of that container (design No US D48.160): had his creativity been restricted, probably he would not have created anything! Has the bottle disappeared at all? Well, also that object is the result of research, investments, intellectual works, patents ... without creativity you would not even have this! Don’t worry! The content of the bottle did not stain anything! It contained just water ... Coca-cola does not exist! It is the outcome of the chemical knowledge of a certain J.S. Pemberton who, thanks to extensive experiments, succeeded in producing  this soft drink in 1886: however, without defense of intellectual property, his formula would not have been safeguarded and handed down to us, it would probably have been wasted and forgotten.

Now also the sun umbrella, the deck chair and the table have also disappeared. Oh yeah! Even these, although they may seem simple, are the result of mechanical and constructive research and maybe a patent that makes them better.

Perhaps it is better that way. The beach with its white sand, some beautiful palm trees and crystal clear water. But without innovation, would your friend have been able to reach that wonderful island? The airplane was born thanks to a succession of insights, studies and innovations (Patent No US 821393). While you are spending your time trying to find out alternative ways to reach that so relaxing but so far away place you got distracted and the photo has become completely white. Photographic printing is also the result of innovation, not that bad ... there is not even a photographic paper, it was made with Eastman Kodak film (Patent No US 306470).

Time is passing and  it’s evening, take a look around and think about how your room would be without innovation. You did not have time to think because it got dark all over?!? Yes! The light bulb too is the result of an obstinate and famous research (Patent No US 223,898, among the 2,332 by Thomas Edison)!

No, I did not forget ... the room has plunged into a deafening silence! The radio sprang from the studies of a famous Italian man: Guglielmo Marconi (Patent No GB 12.039).This is just to point out the importance of technological progress and research in everyday life.

Even in our industry, continuous studies and technological advancement guarantee the continuous creation of new effects to meet our customers’ needs and to keep up to date with the times and times, in the industry of fashion, are frenzied and this leads to the need of generating new products both from an aesthetic point of view and from a material point of view.



This short story shows how Mazzucchelli 1849 spa has always been active in Research & Development and Product Development by investing a lot of resources in order to better meet the needs of its Customers offering exclusive and trend-setting products.

The competitive scenario has changed over the years and today Mazzucchelli 1849 spa is competing with realities that do not support investment in research and distribute unauthorized copies of products causing damage first of all, and above all, to Mazzucchelli customers who may find on the market counterfeiting of effects developed specifically for them by Mazzucchelli or proposed as Mazzucchelli collection.

Our company has decided to engage in legal proceedings against the illegal and repeated counterfeiting of its products and to oppose to any patent claims by third parties on production methods or alleged inventions known to Mazzucchelli for some time.

The first case against a competitor was won by Mazzucchelli who intends to continue promoting other legal proceedings  in the event that abuses and illegal activities do not cease, as for Mazzucchelli the guarantee of quality and authenticity has always been very important.

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