Marmo à porter

A prestigeous material that is a traditional architectural element, marble today has become the designer’s object of desire. It is able to unexpectedly transform itself into thin films that enhance its design depth, both in shiny and matte versions, for a distinctively modern result.


As a material, marble is tactile and strong, imbued with both emotion and cultural relevance.

It's been around us for centuries, but now we see it used as an inspiring pattern in almost every single design field. This texture has started to pop up in everything from fashion to interior design pieces.

It has a valuable and versatile quality, finding application in luxury interiors and modern settings, combined with natural materials such as wood, leather and metal.

Marble classic tones and veinings are imitated also on fabric and paper.


Our proposal embraces all marble characteristics – translucent, pearlized, graphic and precious – in a material lighter than a feather. Research and creativity allow for combining the contrast between a static material such as marble with the flexibility of MDecor, that can be cut, glued and sewed as if it were fabric.


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