Mazzucchelli and IED together again to create unique jewelry and accessories.

Atef Rezaei ied torino mazzucchelli 1849

Revive — Atefe Rezaei


Mazzucchelli loves to experiment. It does it every day, with colors, with patterns, with technologies, with materials.
Experimentation becomes the engine that turns into a stimulus towards innovation and which allows to go a little further to look for excellent products.

It is precisely by virtue of this propensity to openness and experimentation that Mazzucchelli decided to support, last year, the thesis project of course of Jewelry and Accessories Design at IED, European Institute of Design in Turin. The aim of the course was in fact to experiment with Mazzucchelli materials and create, with them, jewelry and accessories able to combine creativity, technique and attention to the market demands.


Atef Rezaei ied torino mazzucchelli 1849

Revive — Atefe Rezaei


In order to support students in this process, the company has given them the opportunity to visit the production area, allowing them to acquire more skills in both processing and possible applications of the material.

They were then supported by a member of the Product Development team, with whom they shared their ideas and concepts, who accompanied them in choosing the most suitable acetate colors for their projects so as to allow them to use the material that could best respond to their needs.


Annachiara Suriano skin evolution ied torino Mazzucchelli 1849

Skin Evolution — Anna Chiara Suriano


In addition to cellulose acetate, some students have chosen decorative films in Mdecor which, due to their technical and above all aesthetic qualities, are well suited to the processing of accessories, such as bags or clothing details.

After collecting material, the students shaped their ideas, giving life, thanks to the support of a goldsmith laboratory in Turin, to jewelry and accessories which were then presented as a thesis project at the end of their study course.

The results of these works have shown how much creativity, commitment and desire to experiment with materials is the winning choice. A stimulus to create objects that can communicate something, that become part of the wearer's personality and that transmit timeless emotions.




Atef Rezaei
Atef Rezaei ied torino mazzucchelli 1849

Revive necklace is inspired by nature and the elements of life.
An integrated module is created in a soft structure in the part of the stem, with large volumes that are reproduced in the simplified flowers. Curves and graceful lines that create modern harmony. A great classic revisited in a contemporary way.

In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.
Flowers can be twisted, bizarrely curved, but still look beautiful.


Atef Rezaei ied torino mazzucchelli 1849





Anna Chiara Suriano
Annachiara Suriano skin evolution ied torino Mazzucchelli 1849

The skin has always been considered something that changes and encloses a fascinating world. An object of great care and perfection, pure and perfect, just as it is represented in classical statuary.

Through times, skin has been emphasized by ornaments and decorations mainly composed of lines that follow the body exalting its natural beauty.
But skin is not always a symbol of pure beauty and self-confidence as it can have genetic imperfections. Today these imperfections are no longer seen as diseases but as a symbol of uniqueness.


Annachiara Suriano skin evolution ied torino Mazzucchelli 1849


The investigation and development of these two words have been represented through lines traced on the skin and congenital body skin stains  and in a jewel on which lines and stains unite thanks to acetate, which refers to the skin, and silver, that fits the body and follows the lines, emphasizing the skin without modifying it. These two themes have a leading thread: the skin and our continuous search for ourselves. An ever timely evolution.

In every time and in every era.

New Classic. New Future



Lucia Annunciata
lucia annunziata ied torino mazzucchelli 1849


This necklace takes form of two complimentary elements. This means that they can be worn individually but together they complement each other.
The first part is made of cowhide leather on which laser-cut acetate elements have been applied and finished at a goldsmith's workshop.
For the second part, made at the tailoring workshop of IED, Mazzucchelli polyurethane has been chosen.





Giulia Falletti

 giulia falletti ied torino mazzucchelli 1849


One of the main characteristics that determined the choice of acetate colors was their transparency, a decisive element during the process of creation of this jewel.
As a matter of fact this transparency allows to play with colors because it is thanks to it that it is possible to obtain more than the ones actually chosen. Starting from red, blue and yellow, in fact, thanks to a play of overlaps and intersections, green, purple and orange are obtained. Colors that are then reflected on the wearer's body.




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