Past Reassurance

We are looking for real things that give us security.

What can last longer than architecture? Its solid strength has the capacity to sum up the past with the future.

Classics will be re-invented with a touch of informal and casual spirit, combining the most rigid and traditional elements of style. Products will be constructed to allow the design to keep its roots in the past and its products in the future.

In order not to lose contact with the past, recycling has become an unavoidable process. We live with a revival of old production methods and the pleasure of hand production making a comeback. Designers reinterpret traditions and materials in a new way. The shapes and proportions of products are influenced by architectural lines. Classic compositions combined with unexpected materials express an impeccable, elegant modernity.

The color range of this trend is a contemporary classic. Browns are the cornerstone of the palette. Deep sapphire, granite grey, vintage blue are warm up by creamy yellow, collegiate red and sophisticated rose.

Urban Culture

City life is a mix of everything, from everywhere. The influence of street culture contaminates design and fashion.

The multi-cultural urban environment has developed its own ethnic personality.

They are not contaminations, influences we are used to, from Africa, India or South America.

It’s a melting pot of the world’s biggest city’s social identities, where cultures from many different countries come together, they influence each other and join local traditions with the surrounding environment. Urban textures, colors, objects, materials, patterns and technologies merge and are reinvented for modern and functional style.

Exotic remains original, but with it comes a pop twist of contemporary urban lifestyle.

Colors are versatile. Asphalt greys are awakened by saturated and active tones: youthful red, sporty orange, fashion magenta, washed blue and optimistic green together with pure white and yellow as accent.

Functional Nature

A primordial spirit deeply connected to the earth characterizes this trend. We try to live in sync with nature, we put our hopes in nature, we look to nature to develop sustainable resources and to find solutions.

It is a journey into the possibilities of nature that surrounds us, a celebration of our Mother Earth. Our instincts guide us, there are no limits or boundaries. And to face this travel we want to be at ease, we want to wear functional and hi-tech pieces with an ecofriendly design.

Primitive methods of travelling, such as wrapping and tying, will inspire the products of the global traveller.

Colors enhance the power of nature. They are raw and earthy with a touch of pure vitality that gives them a modern look. Sunny saffron, russet reds, fresh pine green, wild blue, wine berry and mountain grey are the main characters of this palette

Light Illusion

The main focus is on light catching materials, altering our perception of reality.

Colors are over-exposed, iridescent touches create psychedelic changing effects, synthetic feelings are exaggerated.

Materials, together with colors, represent movement and transition. We live a life full of possibilities and options, instability and changeability become a way to face the world allowing us to play with illusions.

Tones are unreal, like a whitened, transparent rainbow: pink balloon, glacier mint, frozen lemon drops, blanched denim and young lilac.