Normality. A concept taken so much for granted, which in the last few years has instead become almost a necessity, a safe place to find yourself; with the need to meet again through small daily pleasures, friends, family, health and nature.
The desire to safeguard one's world translates into the longing for the retrieval of old traditions, aiming at supporting the culture of recovering objects and techniques no longer used.
Consolidated traditions are revised. A desire for "cleanliness" guides our choices towards products that are respectful of people and the environment, lasting over time. Responsible choices are linked to a culture of doing.
Classic tones that include accents of color, bright but always discreet. Colors that recall earth, nature: rust, forest green, grey, brown in various shades with touches of cold pink, apricot and emerald green.

Path of Life

We have learned to live with the concept of emergency and therefore with the need to take alternative routes in respect of the community. The need to slow down leads us to evolve the relationship between man and nature in a more intimate and sensitive way. We can no longer afford to waste time and resources.
We learn to better preserve what surrounds us, recovering its qualities without impoverishing what has been given to us. Considering all this, various sectors are constantly looking for more sustainable materials and production methods, the result of blending different worlds and minds.
Adaptation: the key that can lead us to satisfy our new needs, at the service of a society that is experiencing a deep change. The tones that characterize this trend nourish our ego, supporting it, to face the rapidly evolving future: they are timeless and spaceless colors, with a fresh look, for psychophysical well-being. A blend between tones such as apricot, pink, mint and brown, grey and bone.

Out of the Dark

It's as if dark moments competed with a vital energy that doesn't give up. Dark, gloomy colors with classic reflections that coexist with almost neon virtual tones. After all, we find ourselves constantly relating to physical and virtual reality. With our dark side and with that exuberant, sociable and colorful part that lives within us. Being able to make these worlds coexist can lead to an unexpected balance that is well reflected in the union between a hypnotic energy made of luminous neon and the blackest black.
Imagination: that's the key word, and technology helps us bring it to life. Even the colors and finishes adapt to this changing reality, they are dark with decidedly bright touches. Shiny with the ability to change. Bright colors offset by darkness: bright yellow, energetic lime, alternative pink. Black, digital purple, deep blue.

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