Meeting Places

We are citizens of the world, thanks also to technology.
Technology takes on a more human connotation, it helps bring people, places and eras together. All distances are reduced.
The result is a mix of ages and cultures. Ideas mingle and boundaries merge in accordance with traditions and local values.
Everything revolves around timeless combinations, the result of global influences inspired by vintage pieces, by trips around the world as well as interior decoration. The result is a product with strong character, modern and sometimes unexpected.
The colors that characterize this trend have a soul that is divided between the wild and the sophisticated: from ginger yellow to spicy brown, from purple orchid to the deepest burgundy and from juicy green to blue horizon.

Forever Young

It is no longer a question of age, it is a state of mind.
It is the desire to escape, the need to rebel, the need to belong to a group while maintaining our own personality that becomes a distinctive sign. It is this young and exuberant creativity which nourishes the desire for originality and stimulates a culture of innovation.
The attitude is super cool and tech oriented.
Functional but female materials flirt with street style. Innovation is combined with delicacy, creating a fresh and fascinating modernity, lit by cold and iridescent pastel tones. White mother-of-pearl, coral pink, deep yellow lime, icy mint, blue sky and spring lilac characterize this trend.

Must Have

From speckled to flamed havanas, from natural to the most colorful horns.
A classic by Mazzucchelli suitable for all occasions.


A desire to bond with the earth, returning to the roots through careful and responsible use of the resources which surround us.
We are more and more inclined to have less waste, to give more attention to the products we buy, both for protection of the environment in which we live and for the protection of our health. The life of a product lasts longer and is more valuable.
Calm, tranquility and renewed appreciation of the senses of sight and touch serve as basic needs.
Respect becomes a key word in everyday life and brings a new level of elegance that captures the perfection in the imperfect.
Tones rediscover the nudity and simplicity of the skin and the earth: from grey colored wood to warm beige, from white skin to pink in all its shades, from the burned mint to the blue lagoon.

Digital Darks

Our dark side is discovered in this reality with strong futuristic accents and a luxurious and decadent style. The traditional aesthetic codes are reinterpreted in the light of a world characterized by virtual and technological markings.
Forget your grandmother's embroidery because materials are synthetic to recall the impact of the new coated fabrics. The eye will be caught by dark tones interrupted by metallic details. We plunge into private darkness where changing touches and iridescent shades create references to the digital world. Tones are in contrast, from cold and dark colors to neon and bright ones. Steel blue, galaxy purple, petrol green, lunar white, virtual lilac and neon yellow give reflexes to absolute black.