No waste is the goal of the future

    What if we told you that cellulose acetate sheets can be produced starting from an acetate flake made from waste? Surely you would think it is not possible, yet it is. We are talking about the sheets produced using Acetate Renew, the flake made through Eastman's innovative Carbon Renewal Technology.

  • What are Acetate Renew sheets?
    Sheets made with Acetate Renew are first and foremost the result of the principles supporting the environment in which we live. They are produced with awareness of the need and urgency to design paths of sustainable development. These products and processes take into account the entire life cycle; from raw materials and their processing, to their use and final disposal.
    Mazzucchelli, which already supplies sheets of cellulose acetate that are produced using a flake of natural origin, has enthusiastically welcomed Eastman's project. Mazzucchelli has decided to add to its production the manufacturing of sheets made with Acetate Renew, an innovative flake generated through a process that transforms plastic waste into primary molecules in order to obtain the raw material again.
  • What is the technology used by Eastman to produce Acetate Renew?

    Acetate Renew is born thanks to Eastman’s innovative Carbon Renewal Technology. This technology is a chemical recycling process which consists of breaking down plastic waste into primary molecules which are the main elements for the production of acetic anhydride. Acetic anhydride reacts with cellulose to produce cellulose acetate. The result is a cellulose acetate composed of 60% bio based and 40% certified recycled content. Therefore, this process creates a 100% sustainable acetate flake using the waste normally sent to landfills, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. (Acetate Renew produces -20% -50% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional acetate)

    Chemical recycling
  • Mazzucchelli and Eastman

    Eastman has found in Mazzucchelli an ideal partner to support the Acetate Renew project. As a matter of fact, both companies have always shown a keen interest in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions for the sector in which they operate, this collaboration being one example.
    By producing sheets using Acetate Renew, Mazzucchelli actually becomes part of a cycle which supports the principles of sustainability it has always believed in. Acetate Renew allows Mazzucchelli customers the opportunity to contribute to this project, benefiting from innovative and eco-sustainable solutions.

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Sustainability lovers

We love the phrase “beauty will save the world”. We have always believed in beautiful things; but have always known that this is not enough. For us, to be beautiful, a thing should also be sustainable. Because we feel we must pay more attention to our planet, sustainability is a fundamental step. Together we can help make big changes.

Diversion of waste from landfills Why is it necessary to hold a certification? How to be sustainability lovers?

Giving the same quality while making a difference in nature

The concept of sustainable development was first introduced in 1987 in the Brundtland Report, also called Our Common Future, a publication released by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED). According to this report, “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It is therefore a concept that is founded on a basic ethical principle: the responsibility of today's generations towards future generations.
This commitment and care by Mazzucchelli can also be found in the sheets produced with Acetate Renew which maintain the same technical and aesthetic characteristics as those made in traditional acetate. With this new flake it will be possible to produce sheets in all the colors presently made with traditional acetate using every technology currently used by Mazzucchelli.

How sustainable is our material?

Don't wait for the future.
Live the present in a sustainable way

    Hic et nunc, here and now, is where we can make a difference to be able to look to the future proudly. We strongly believe in this project and for this reason we have collected some questions and answers for you, but if you need more information you can send an email to becycle@mazzucchelli1849.it.

  • Why do I need to be certified?
    When we talk about Acetate Renew we are talking about a project that involves everyone and needs everyone's contribution to work. Certification thus becomes a mandatory requirement because it gives the possibility of guaranteeing traceability throughout the supply chain and avoiding false claims that would invalidate the principles on which this project is based.
  • How can I get an ISCC PLUS certification?
    In order to get an ISCC PLUS certification, it is necessary to undergo an audit according to the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification standards.
  • Can I provide my scraps directly to Mazzucchelli?
    No, Mazzucchelli does not collect waste from customers. Acetate waste must be provided directly or indirectly to Eastman for conversion to the new material.
    Mazzucchelli is available to provide customers with assistance in having an initial contact with Eastman.
  • Can Mazzucchelli produce sheets of any color and in any technology with Acetate Renew?
    Yes, the use of this flake shall not result in any difference in performance and therefore the characteristics of the sheets made with Acetate Renew are identical to those in traditional acetate. This allows customers to make their glasses without changing production processes and the design. Any color in any technology can be produced with Acetate Renew.
  • What is the difference between M49 and the sheets produced with Acetate Renew?
    Both M49 and the sheets produced with Acetate Renew represent two sustainable solutions that Mazzucchelli offers its customers.
    M49 is a product made by adding a plasticizer of vegetable origin to cellulose acetate, a material which is already natural in itself. What you obtain is a product with a high bio-based content.
    Acetate Renew is the result of a project that involves the entire production cycle and which results in a flake, created by the recovery of waste materials, which is then used to make cellulose acetate sheets.
    In light of what has been said, we can say that the combination of M49 and Acetate Renew therefore represents the maximum expression of sustainability that our customers can achieve in their choice of product.

If you love sustainability, come and discover our new project

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What is Bioplastic?

Acetate Renew aims to reduce the plastic waste normally sent to landfills. Thanks to Eastman’s Carbon Renewal Technology, we can give life to a new virgin flake to be put back into production.

Therefore, this project makes it possible to achieve a significant reduction in resources used. Waste created and environmental pollution generated require a system that applies three important rules:

  1. reduce
  2. reuse
  3. recycle

Certification is a fundamental requirement if you want to join this project, and it is necessary to guarantee the origin of the raw materials used. This ensures traceability throughout the supply chain and prevents false claims. For this reason, all those who wish to purchase sheets produced with Acetate Renew flake will have to obtain an ISCC PLUS certification. International Sustainability and Carbon Certification is an independent global organization that provides the leading certification system for the sustainability of raw materials and products, as well as traceability throughout the supply chain.

Mazzucchelli, being part of this project, requested and obtained ISCC certification in August of 2020.

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Once certified, customers will have the opportunity to buy certified sheets produced with Acetate Renew flake directly from Mazzucchelli, providing an eco-sustainable material to create their products.
If customers wish to make a total difference in the sustainability process, contributing more directly to the Acetate Renew project, they will be able to provide Eastman with their production waste with the commitment to indirectly purchase a quantity of flake proportional to the waste supplied. This will allow them to use an entirely sustainable flake, eliminating the burden of disposing of waste on their own and thus further reducing the impact of their production on the environment.

Mazzucchelli has immediately joined this logic, committing itself to give its scraps directly to Eastman.

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Cellulose acetate itself is already a polymer of natural origin. As a matter of fact, it is obtained starting from a selection of renewable sources such as certain varieties of trees from responsibly managed forests and cotton linters.
The use of Acetate Renew allows to introduce the aspect of recycled content and therefore have an even better impact on the environment in terms of sustainability.
For this reason, the combination of M49, with its high bio-based content, and Acetate Renew, with its high content of recovery of waste materials, is the right choice for those who fully believe in sustainability.

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Product Bio‑content Recycled content Total Sustainable Content
Without Acetate Renew Cellulose Acetate 42% 0% 42%
M49 Bioplastic 68% 0% 68%
With Acetate Renew Cellulose Acetate 42% 28% 70%
M49 Bioplastic 68% 28% 96%

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