Mazzucchelli 1849_

Longing for sea, longing for sand in your hair, longing for ice cream drops on the tanned skin.

From dark blue to light blue, from turquoise to aquamarine, all these nuances lead us to the waves of the sea and its scent. And it is immediate calm, and it is immediate life.

It’s the sea the real protagonist of the summer, with its colors, its perfumes and the lasting memories that make up the baggage of life of each of us.


Reflections of the sea caught in our iridescent colors.

Mazzucchelli 1849


Who has never stopped to admire, with his feet in the sand,
the striped bathing-huts getting lost between the sky and the sea?




Color Drop cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli 1849  (a)mare  Botanic Shade cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli 1849  (a)mare  M49-Sorbet cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli 1849
Marmo decorative films Mazzucchelli 1849   (a)mare   Marmo decorative films Mazzucchelli 1849


“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.”
Alain Gerbault

blue cellulose acetate

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