Be flexible!

mazzucchelli 1849 mdecor packaging première


During the last edition of Packaging Première, the luxury packaging exhibition held in Milan, Mazzucchelli presented new proposals for its decorative material Mdecor and some of its countless applications.

Mdecor is a decorative film made in aliphatic TPU developed and produced in Italy that combines Mazzucchelli know-how in the creation of unique and inimitable designs and effects with the innovation of a material with exceptional and multiple performances: a flexible film which, with a thickness of only 0.2 mm, allows to achieve unexpected and unrepeatable depth and elasticity.

Flexibility and ductility not only as a physical characteristic of the material but also as a possibility of applications thanks to your creativity.


mazzucchelli 1849 mdecor packaging première


The peculiarity of Mdecor is the opportunity to range from a thin, soft and malleable item to a solid, rigid and consistent product through coupling, lamination and adhesion on paper to produce covers, boxes, displays and labels, on wood for furniture and furnishing details, on leather for shoes and bags, on clothing fabrics, on polycarbonate for accessories and lighting engineering, on acrylic for displays, boxes and jewelry. 



mazzucchelli 1849 mdecor packaging première


The endless variety of applications make Mdecor a protagonist in several application markets; its uniqueness provides your products with distinctive and inimitable features and thanks to the ease of use of our film they will get undoubted aesthetic and functional qualities. Mazzucchelli 1849 team is at your disposal to discover and build together new fields of application and new aesthetic effects.


Mdecor, be flexible!


mazzucchelli 1849 packaging première

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