Monocolor Case: a box full of wonders.

Every creative talent loves surrounding himself with tools, materials, colors that can inspire him, help him and support him in his projects. A sort of wish box from which to take out, if necessary, the right object at the right time.

Our Monocolor Case is just like that, a wish box where you can find the right color, in the right shade and with the right consistency.

color pastel

In fact, the Monocolor Case was born from the desire to collect a range of colors from which to draw inspiration, thus becoming a work tool for your creations.

Inside the Monocolor Case there are more than 300 colors. The chips are constantly updated with the new colors suggested by contemporary trends and by the study of market needs. It is therefore a constantly evolving tool that always keeps abreast of the times and ideal for offering a whole range of shades so as to be able to give free rein to creativity.

But how can all these chips be organized inside the Monocolor Case? Our creatives have thought of a distribution based on the color tone. The chips are therefore placed into the case by color playing with their infinite shades.

On our website, in the cellulose acetate area of the documents section, you can find a document called Monocolor Case in which you’ll find a list of codes of our chips divided by color and numerical order.

Obviously, you can change the order of the chips according to your needs, your personal taste or trends dictated by fashion or by the season.

 intense color

Each season has its own requests, its own shades. But there are colors that never go out of style, colors that assert themselves year after year. Core colors, or more simply black, navy blue, burgundy and brown. The consistencies may change, from solid to transparent, exploring the milky.

These classic tones come back to life combined with the nuances of the season and allow you to have a fixed point in the multitude of possible colors that can be experimented, proposed according to the trends or developed depending on the identity of the brand.

We like to think that the new colors we present can be the starting point for new projects or simply the color you desire.

 Mazzucchelli color palette monocolors cellulose acetate and M49 bioplastic

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