Simply white

white mazzucchelli 1849 iconic


A breath of fresh air. A timeless dream. A smile that lights the face up.
A dress smelling of summer.
A feeling of freedom. Thus white is expressed among all the colors.
A timeless color, boundless.

It may seem an almost impersonal basic color, but at the same time it is the emblem of sophistication and essentiality.
Considered a neutral color, it actually marks so many memories, characters and objects ... making them unique and iconic.
 white mazzucchelli 1849 iconic

From the roof of the Sydney Opera House to the houses of Santorini, from the dress of Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch” to Freddie Mercury's total white tank top during the Live Aid concert.
Not to mention that pair of Converse that each one of us had in the closet. Those shoes that when used were even more cool because that white was too perfect.
For the enthusiasts, and not only for them, the first generation iPod, strictly white. And since then the world has never been the same.
You could go on with so many examples to fill in the blank pages of any notebook.

 mazzucchelli 1849 architecture mdecor tpu

Sometimes it is closer to ivory, sometimes more milky, at times more like ice and snow. A play of lights, anyway.

mazzucchelli white iconic inspiration 

It embodies all visible frequencies.
It is the opposite of black which represents the absence of color. This may be one of the reasons why they are often associated, because, as they say, opposites attract.
A bit like the eternal struggle between good and evil, between white chocolate and black chocolate.
Perhaps in life we cannot choose.
Perhaps one thing does not exclude the other.
Because letting ourselves be surprised by novelties opens many doors.
As someone said “Stay Hungry, stay foolish ”. Maybe.



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