The rebirth of green color.

When we talk about green the very first thing that comes to mind is, obviously, nature. Nature in all its nuances, not only for the variety of the different plants, but also for everything that embodies and characterizes it. And are really all these little details that catch our attention. If we look at a painting in which the grass seems to be real, for example, when we get closer we perceive the infinity of shades of green used by the painter to make it seem what we "simply" call grass green ... as if it were just one color.

Even if green never had an easy life.

Mondrian emphasized this when he wrote green is "a useless color".
Until the end of the 1950s, it was not even used in color palette for making mass-produced consumer goods; objects for everyday life, office equipment, telephones, cars, fabrics and clothing excluded this tone. It was deemed superficial, capricious, seductive ad too garish.


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 A color that is unstable, green is associated with everything that has this characteristic by nature, such as childhood, luck, money and table games, though it also has a double soul and is thought to be a symbol of renewal and change.

And it is precisely in line with the logic of color in design that the famous Starbucks logo evolved overtime. From the brown color that clearly recalled the tones of coffee, to green as a color associated with growth and peace, highlighting Starbuck's mission: "to inspire and nourish the human spirit".

Currently green is considered a balanced color – made from blue which symbolizes calm and also made with yellow, which symbolizes pure energy.
Painting a green wall helps to relax, this is why this color is often used in schools and hospitals. Who does not feel peaceful but at the same time strongly alive when immersed in the green par excellence, that of nature?
Today this feeling is brought back to us using the green color as a symbol of eco-sustainability, ecology, health.


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If we take the time to think we’ll realize how wide is the part of green we have in our subconscious, from the use we make of it in different, common sayings as well as in inner memories.
From the expression “green with anger” to the English green of the mythical Mini car ... Not to mention the childhood memories related to the mythical figure of Peter Pan or the brave Robin Hood. Both dressed in green.
And if you think that before Coca Cola characterized Santa Claus with his unmistakable red color, Santa Claus was green ...

And, with a look to the future, green, green hope. That hope that we must never lose.


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